Current Account Switch Service

Increasing click-through with more intelligent media delivery

Current Account Switch Service

The Challenge

With an estimated 450K individuals set to visit the website, CASS had an exciting opportunity to record individual content engagement and use these learnings to improve the online experience, ultimately increasing onsite engagement and the efficiency of its media delivery.


The Fuel approach

We deployed Fuel’s best-in-class website tagging capability. Why? To gain greater understanding of the most appropriate audiences to target off-site and the most effective content to drive confidence in CASS and their consideration of the switching process.

By retargeting previous visitors to the site with relevant content based on their browse behaviours, we were able personalise display advertising to the individual.

We then used the same insight to identify ‘look-a-like’ users in the prospect universe (via a Data Management Platform) who had never been on the CASS site but matched our likely switchers’ browse behaviour.



Increase in retargeted click-through


Increase in programmatic click-through


Increase in service consideration


Want to learn more about our work with the Current Account Switch Service? Download the case study, or get in touch with us here.


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