Large Government Department

Real-time dashboarding and media optimisation

Large Government Department

The Challenge

This large Government department had no ability to continuously track and measure the impact of media spend to inform messaging content and future spend allocation. As well as this, they couldn’t influence spend in social and digital channels once a campaign had gone live. Their goal was simple: to be able to optimise future media spend to ensure maximum impact of messaging and track performance of content across channels during a live campaign.


The Fuel approach

Once the scale of requirement had been established, Fuel began developing the insight and reporting tools necessary to meet the brief.

We first created an aggregated business reporting suite: a dashboard which aggregates all key performance measures associated with media and potential exporter journey activities.

Fuel then built a comprehensive campaign evaluation report after each phase of marketing activity, and a digital & social ‘pulse report’, running continuously to capture and assess performance of both low-level channel spend and ‘burst’ campaign activity.

The campaign, which was created by some of our Engine Group sister agencies, went on to win several awards, including to Golds at the Direct Marketing Association Awards.



Users of the reporting suite


Dashboards designed and built


Post campaign analysis reports

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