The Royal Air Force

Engaging millennials with intelligent communications

The Royal Air Force

The Challenge

The RAF wanted to recruit more IT Engineers, a position they have traditionally found difficult to recruit for. Working with our sister agency Partners Andrews Aldridge, the RAF designed an augmented reality experience designed to educate millennials on career opportunities within the RAF as engineers.

Fuel were brought on-board to orchestrate a full communications strategy to drive RAF website traffic and, in turn, generate new engineer recruits.


The Fuel approach

The main challenge developing the comms strategy was engaging millennials over a relatively long period of time. Fuel created a triggered campaign strategy mapped to all 12 events in the sign-up journey delivered across email and SMS. These channels were identified as key to ensuring high open rates.

Participants received SMS messages prior to each email (8 communications in total) over a period of 10 months, designed to drive open and click-through rates. Live-click feeds were integrated to present a ‘future CV’, personalised at the time of opening, showing what a career in the RAF could look like for the participant after 5 years.

The result was a highly successful email campaign, making full use of personalisation as a means to engage with a traditionally hard-to-reach audience in millennials.



Click-through rate


Open rate


Emails sent


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